Do you know how to do it?

欧宝体育官方登录 欧宝体育官方登录

Peach blossoms have been known as love since ancient times. Every single men and women want their peach blossoms to get better and better, so they will use various ways to urge their own peach blossoms. Although peach blossoms, the effect is not very ideal, even Have a rotten peach flower, then you know how to do it can be cut into peach blossoms? The following master gives everyone some suggestions hope to help everyone.

1, small wooden sword

When it comes to "", the sword is most suitable. The ancient peach swords have a demon, except for the devil and the town house, so buy small sizes, put on the bed, drawer, or is in the direction of the door, all have a rotten peach.

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